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Become an Independent S.T.E.P. Tutor

What Perks Can a S.T.E.P. Tutor Expect?

Be your own boss.

Tutoring is an extremely rewarding profession with incredible personal benefits: Work your own hours. Take your own clients. Make your own way.

With StepByStep Tutoring Enrichment Program, you are 100% independent. You'll never have to show up to an office or answer to a boss.

Create your own work schedule.

StepByStep Tutoring Enrichment Program will never require you to complete a minimum (or maximum) number of hours. We'll do our best to send you client matches. You're free to accept or decline with no penalty.

Getting paid

is easy.

All tutors are paid monthly, simply submit an email or text to S.T.E.P. confirming session completion and we'll send you your money, simple as that.

Clients come

to you.

When you work with StepByStep Tutoring Enrichment Program, we'll do our best to immediately plug you into our steady stream of clients, putting money in your pocket.

You don't have to handle any of the day-to-day business. This leaves you free to do what you do best: tutor!

We're not looking for a marriage,


As a StepByStep Tutoring Enrichment Program independent tutor, your relationship with us is non-exclusive. Meaning: We don't forbid you from working for any other company, competitor, or yourself while working with StepByStep Tutoring Enrichment Program. Simply accept clients as you want and get paid.

No regular reports. No supervision.

Since you're 100% independent, we don't supervise your services. We won't require you to stay up late filling out progress reports or working extra (unpaid) hours to send us an update.


Your work, your supervision. We stay out of it.

Become a tutor today!

To apply to be an independent tutor with StepByStep Tutoring Enrichment Program, please fill out our (very brief) application by clicking here.

Does this sound like you?
(If the answer is yes, you'll make a great tutor.)

You value independence and dream of being your own boss. You take initiative on your own and often find yourself as the leader in small groups.

You're a tested, proven educator with a teaching record. Or you're a top-of-class student who often finds yourself teaching challenging concepts to others.

Good Communicator
You're the first one to notify all parties when something goes awry. You believe good communication can head off most complications, and you put that philosophy into practice daily.

You honor commitments and deadlines. You're trustworthy and reliable. People know that when you say, "I'll be there," you mean it, rain or shine.

You're flexible with sudden change. You don't dwell on problems... but offer solutions and take corrective actions. You're proactive and pride yourself on always finding a way.

Endlessly Positive
You try to always see the silver lining in things and show incredible positivity in the face of adversity and frustration.

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